Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Watchers for 2-3-10 trading session


This is a re-pump of an email campaign that began yesterday. It also has a new fluff PR tonight. A series of less impressive than they sound events are scheduled this week. Long in premarket or on open as a scalp and pop. Do not hold long. Longing these puppies is possible very early on and quickly out. Later on this might be a great short if they can work it up enough with more phony campaigning.


Still on watch after first down day. Might be a short if it pops a bit & u can locate shares, which will be hard. If we get a pop and it shakes out some holders, maybe a few can be sprung.


probably will not work as a short as its down day saw too much downside, & shares are tough to find.


on news might have further room north, but it's gonna be tough to take out today's hi on any greening. But the study looks promising enough and the fade today might be gap filled enough for some morning coin.


is a "real stock" earnings surprise that saw profit taking late today, but might see more upside.


seems to have a lot of momo & after hours push on so little news.  So far in the current year, FSII surged over 967%.


Mixed bag, they lowered guidance but scored a bit of a deal with Apple on their wares. Might get a bit more upside tomorrow but I see a fade coming pronto once reality sets in.


They claim, on some cautiously optimistic PR, to have some real potential  A breakout above recent 3.27 resistance lit up its chart today. Quote from their news release: "The initial results from this well are highly significant and, as a result, Ivanhoe Energy will be deferring releasing any information until independent laboratory analysis is received." Well, I am skeptical as always, especially with these typically forward looking statements. I expect some brief upside and then profit taking. If it turns out to be more real, well, who knows.

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