Sunday, August 29, 2010

Trade review 8-27-10

I got nearly all of these plays correct...



Gap up was the high, tanked 40% on the day in a tasty fade from the gun.


Gap up equal to high, fell from bell. Recovered and re-fell, finishing red by over 1% Any sound exit got more.


Dived from the opening whistle, rapidly double topped and faded off the rest of the way, down over 52%


Another perfect scenario as the high of the day equaled the high of the previous session for easy stop placement just above that amount, with a gentle fade much of the remainder of the day to close red by 5%


Nice diving action from the gun, dominating most of the session, squeezing was minimal, the previous day high being taken out but soon being proved a fake out breakout, en route to a lower finish of over 2.5%



I could fairly list this as a push, as it never looked weak and was nominally green from the outset, so most of my subscribers hopefully can read (my preconditions and warnings) and would have had enough sense to avoid shorting this late to the party pump dive. I had hoped some down side even on day 3 was to be had, but that was so optimistic that a loss serves me right! Since as a blogger I am one of the most honest about my predictions for stocks out there in a world of finance beset with frauds and phonies, a loss it is. Up 6%



Daily record: W-5 L-1-P-0

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