Monday, August 30, 2010

Trade review 8-30-10

I nailed a bunch of these as usual...



Gap up equal to the high, then nice fade much of the way, en route to a red finish of over 7% for easy dough.


Gap down and gentle fading from the bell most of the remainder of the day, finishing down by over 4% today.


Gap down with nice fading action from the gun over the course of the session. Finished down by over 9.5%


Fairly modest gap up immediately began to falter, fading off as the day advanced, finishing south by over 31%


Gap up open over 0.60 proved to be the high, which immediately began to drop off. Save for one 5 minute candle 30 minutes in, which got back over 0.60 but less than the daily high and closing below 0.60, this faded nice and gentle most of the day. Negative finish by over 14%



The big fade is coming, but not today. After going up over 5K% on Friday, we advanced over 85.5 % today.



Daily record: W-5 L-1-P-0

Off the record pick PCY also panned out, though it was boring on its first green day in 5 tries. Opening at the low, it advanced less than 1% but provided a possible swing entry for the longs. A bread and butter pattern.

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