Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trade review 8-31-10

I got most of these things right...



Folks, this is a very instructive play. 5 minutes in, after an initial spiking candle, this went green to red today, then faded into obscurity the rest of the session, en route to a down finish of 10% for a classic fade entry.


Opened near the high, then faded the remainder of the session nicely, en route to a red close of over 51.5% in a near perfect call by yours truly!


Gap down open, nice and easy steady fading action much of the remainder. Closed red by nearly 53.5%


Early red to green long scalp as expected. Also got our red candle print today, mid-day, as suspected might occur. About mid-session, this stock took out the previous close around 2.75, going red, and an instructive fade commenced for the duration, closing down by over 3% and providing an easy short entry day trade.



You could argue this as a win, since it opened near the top mentioned, and it took, held, and built upon a break above that, but I saw this mostly as a short, and argued thus in light of the declining volume. Since I am honest about my pick results and self critical enough to score this as a loss, so be it. Green by over 1.5%



Opened above the key level I noted by a cent, briefly added another cent, then flat lined and sported a nice afternoon fade that was playable, but re-topped into the close to finish unchanged. Arguably win, but must be scored as no better than a push, in theory.

Daily record: W-4 L-1-P-1

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