Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Trade review 9-1-10

I got a few correct today...



This may have more reddening, with today's daily near doji print. Finished red by over 1.5%


Gap down open fell soon thereafter, yielding a fade play entry. It rebounded, but still finished red by over 6% and it met my conditional entry requirement by falling below 0.40



A loss. Gap up open. It's true it fell below the opening price for a spell, but it came roaring back, finishing green by over 3% and as I said to avoid longs, the writing is on the wall.


No credit as the stock did not pull back enough for a new entry, but finished red after consistent down sliding price action from near the bell. True, some initial greening yielded a puny scalp, but nothing credible. I saw this as a decent technical breakout, thus far it has not panned out. Not enough new buyers arrived today.



A push because while it fell from the opening price out of the gate, it did not meet my conditional entry based on technical levels. It failed to fall below 1.70 for a fade play. Fell over 1.55


Opening on a gap up, the stock never really weakened, although it finished lower than its open today. It never went green to red relative to the previous close definitively. A bit of upward mobility out of the open does not justify a win claim, but all things considered, a push seems in order. I would have stayed flat here all day.


Partial credit. We did get some out of gate up moves, and the stock finished red by nearly 1.5% but most of that came on the gap down open, and the close was a cent higher than the open today. A split decision here.

Daily record: W-2 L-2-P-3

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