Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Trade review 9-28-10

I got a couple of picks accurately...



Worked both ways as this bolted out of the gate then morning panic dumped green to red nicely, en route to a down finish of close to 3% today.


Another great textbook fade. This gap up went green to red but really began dumping from the bell, en route to a south finish of over 6.5% today.


Slight gap up open immediately morning panic dumped nicely, going green to red and bottoming in the first 30 minutes or so then went sideways until the close, en route to a negative finish of over 20% on the session.


The breakout long prediction continued nicely, with perfect early spiking and highs, then a tapering off until the close. Finishing well off the highs, it still zoomed north over 5% for the bulls, and is now up after hours.



A loss due to an early fake out which made it seem like a breakout above 3.90 on the open and then of 4, when it hit 4.09 early in the session. It then fell back below 4 and then 3.90, fading nicely, but some could have been whipsawed. Keep in mind on a play like this most are hoping (and perhaps expecting) a long entry, so when it actually failed from above it was a great short, as failed known chart patterns are some of the most reliable signals. I could almost claim a push here, but the confusing price action forbids it. Down nearly 6.5%



Daily record: W-4 L-1-P-0


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