Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Trade review 9-7-10

I got a couple picks right...



Gap down open naturally bounced, but the afternoon fade into the close was fairly easy pickings. Red 4-5% after sustaining the dollar level much of the way, a very instructive price action display for the student.


Goodbye 3! Clean, mostly gentle fading action most of the session, en route to a down finish of over 5-6%


A super instructive play for the student. A nice clean easy fade from a gap up open led to a green to red scenario around lunch time suitable for entry as a short. A few hours later, it closed down over 16.5%


Absolutely perfect call here as it opened on reasonably modest gap down, soon going red to green and holding, taking out 1.40ish and expanding upon that. Up after hours, this is a crisp and clean breakout. The student would do well to observe all the particulars of this play, as it is quite instructive.


Weakness cues finally surfaced as this sported a clean easy all day gentle fade, en route to a down finish of over 4.5%  Observe that a stop just above the previous day's high would have beaten the noise here.


Another classic, mostly all day fading action session off an essentially flattish open. Gentle sliding kept up until the close, which was red by a whopping 50% It does not get much easier than this, folks!



Green by 19% Talk about a short squeeze. Opening near the lod this is arguably push as it never weakened, much like several other days in the run up. To die for daily chart, good luck finding shares...


Kept inching. The day of retribution is coming, but it did not happen today. Up by nearly 6%



Gap up ruined the whole play, except as a possible pull back entry on a flat terrain. Basically unchanged. Since it was obvious that no play was in order here, a push is the only logical result. I would have been flat.

Daily record: W-6 L-2-P-1

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