Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Trade review 10-20-10

I got many plays correct today...



Easy win on the gap and crap near hod open, which zoomed early but eventually went red. 2 fake outs prior to the fade out into the close did not squeeze much, so most shorts who entered on the first or second false alarm probably held and banked. Closed red by over 22% today. As so often, a green to red late afternoon short entry sported the least noise and held up into the finish. I find similarly situated shorting in the morning to typically be less reliable.


I nailed this red to green mover early which broke and held 2, a long entry signal as I said, and it kept up the greening into the close, finishing up by over 14.5% despite finishing well off its highs in a late drop. Most longs probably sold with the crowd when the distribution party arrived.


Another great call, this zoomed early for what turned out to be far more than a quick scalp. Up over 86% on the day. Sideways price action after the morning rise, but everyone was in by then.


As hoped for, this took out and held a buck per share. Like SHZ but less known, this has had quite a run lately. Closed green by nearly 11% today.


Yet another rare earth element play that played out according to the script suggested, an early red to green encore materialized, which held up nicely all day. Closed green by over 10.5% today.



I saw this mostly as a long, it almost tested 3 but not quite. Opening on a microscopic gap up, it faked out prospective longs about 15 minutes in, but began to trade side ways and down before eventually going red. It recovered somewhat into the close, but still finished south by over 1.5% today. Deserves a loss, not a push.



Despite the red close by over 1% this is at best a push, as it sported a fake out early on. Conservative covers probably banked once it began to spike, but the new hod was higher than the previous session high, so some could have also been stopped out. I doubt many held into a loss, but it eventually returned almost all thje way back down again as the day progressed. After the gap up open, the entry signal occurred once the stock traded below the previous session close. All things considered, a push is on order here on the mixed results.

Daily record: W-5 L-1-P-1


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