Monday, October 11, 2010

Watchers for the 10-12-10 trading session


Still in play, the Supernovae greened more today. See my comments from last time, they all still basically apply.


Yeah, I'm stubborn. Fade only on confirmed weakness cues. See my analysis from last time, it mostly still applies.


Upward mobility seems to be stalling here. Daily doji print after 4 green sessions hints at distribution day. Fade on clear weakness cues. Flat otherwise.


Closing well off its highs, with a fairly narrow daily range, we could see similar action tomorrow. Possible gap up and crap short or more standard verified weakness cues to fade into. No obvious reason for the near 44% move up according to the management. Spam check reveals lots of Lebed interest in the past. Avoid longs.


Revenue winner with upcoming conference call that hit new 52's today could see more greening, at least initially, which could be long scalped on spiking or held as a day trade on more gradual upward mobility. Possible gap up open or early red to green. The gap up open today broke through resistance around 7.12


Tech stocks are moving lately, and while this closed somewhat off the highs today, early moves or initial spiking could yield a long scalp or a bit more for the Bulls. Ideally we get that from the bell on a no-brainer.


One of 2 things can happen here. Either we start the session with bargain hunter buying to scalp long, or more likely this heads even lower in the next day or few days than the 70.5%+ it tanked today. If we spike out of the gate 11 cents might be in store. Or we head to 9 cents or lower which I think is more likely. Live price action will determine the fence sitting here. If we begin selling off, fade it, if it begins to rise, scalp it upwards. Watch it from the earliest possible print. Not sure if it trades pre-market but I will be watching if it does.

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