Thursday, October 21, 2010

Watchers for the 10-22-10 trading session


First red day Supernovae scan return. Conditional entry. I look for more down side action if price action cooperates. Short on confirmed weakness cues only. Stay flat otherwise. Similar distribution might befall other rare earth metal stocks if I am right. Today the gap made the red finish look better than it was, so still in play.


Are the day traders back on this? Well, this junk at least merits watching from the gun on Friday for early spiking/momentum to long scalp into in a "me-too" moment. Flat on anything else, so another conditional entry. I would not hold it very long, either, just ride the initial momentum if it surfaces and be prepared to bolt at the first sign of trouble.


Possible short on a gap and crap scenario. Hopefully this goes green to red early enough to merit a play that can be held as long as EOD. Not interested in a long at this point, so if it stays positive I am flat.


NYSERDA deal propelled this nearly non-existent float sized junk up over 167% today. Another possible early long scalp on initial spiking based on pure speculation. I think it is more likely it tanks big time so it is also a short on all of our typical weakness cues if they arrive and are clear. Some Yahoo message board idiots think this is going to the moon, which means view the stock with skepticism.


Up after hours, up nearly 217% on old news, I dunno. Seems to me it might spike out of the gate for a quick long scalp, but mostly I see this as a short on our typical weakness cues if they arrive and are clear. I don't care what Superman says about this, it just reeks and begs to have its eventual ambulance chased.


Finally a legit red day today on the Supernovae of the moment, let us hope more red action follows on Friday. Support near term around 3.50 so it will be interesting if and when we reach that again. Short on any of our typical weakness cues, if they surface, flat otherwise. An early green to red on a boring open will do just fine.


On's list for Friday, this new pumper should have a bit more left in it, good enough for an early long scalp on early or initial spiking up. Not interested in holding it very long if so, or in a short at this time.

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