Thursday, October 28, 2010

Watchers for the 10-29-10 trading session


You know how stubborn I can be. See my analysis for last time, it mostly applies this time around in full.


See my above analysis and look at the comments for last night on this, they still mostly apply for Friday. Such a low floater bandwagon effect short squeezer can by beastly, but its time is coming, believe me.


Bid winner press release presaged monster move today. Down after hours, it might instead have gapped up and spiked up even more from the bell before dying out. The trouble with that is it would encourage a top fishing short, which is harder to time and is riskier. As it is, more likely it opens down and goes red to green early. Staying green is another matter. I suspect it may not, but we will see. In summary, a long on early spiking up as it tries to go green for a scalp, and a fade entry if it re-tanks and keeps accelerating down.


This still has decent volume, so be careful about fading it recklessly, but is rapidly over extending. A short on clear weakness cues, flat otherwise. Up after hours. I fear it might not be done until sometime early next week. A bit late for longs.


Lots of "me too" low rent district promoters are latching on to this for Friday, (meaning they are seeking free publicity for work not their own) which has gone from less than a cent in 2 sessions to 2 pennies. Sure seems like that is a near ceiling, but we will see. I will be watching for a bit more out of this, price action willing, then a massive tank back to reality. Not sure if is practical to short this or obtain shares, but get out the popcorn.


"Q" stocks up over 50% today amid speculation, presaged by several days moving up. Once the herd spooks and begins to profit take, a fade entry beckons. Short into massive dumping or clear weakness cues. Stay flat otherwise, a bit late for longs.


More low float madness. Watch out, this is scalping at its worst. Possible early spiking up to long scalp into, without being greedy and holding too long. This may pan out if the price action is similar to today's even if on a smaller scale/range.


A poor man's RITT (also up after hours and confounding early shorts) this really had volume into the close today. Up after hours, I say follow this from the first trade, even premarket if applicable for a bit more gravy to long scalp into. Probable spiking up from the gun for entry purposes. Sure, it is going to be an awesome short, but probably more of a top fishing entry which is riskier and harder to time than our usual types. Also a fade play on clear weakness cues, but the long is the easiest route for now.

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