Sunday, October 31, 2010

Watchers for the 11-1-10 trading session


Now a Supernovae scan return, its twin TRXBQ had its first red day. This one, which greened, is the logical pick for awaiting the chance to ambulance chase. Box and drop or fade clear weakness cues or massive share dumping only, remain flat otherwise as it is up too much already.


Ok, the DOJ will not take action against them, their company still sucks, and I can make my own ice. Down after hours, It's possible some late optimists could spike this up at or near the bell, to scalp long, but over the next few days I would say the price of their dirty ice will fall as profits are taken. A fade play on clear weakness cues or morning panic to scalp or hold for extended down side seems possible, worthy to monitor.


Stubborn squeezer is beginning to lose green volume. It flirted with red on Friday but could not hold it, recovering later on into the close to finish up over 13.5% and now down after hours. Possible short, but probably not immediately as it may open on a gap down and try to fill early. If it holds barely green and sideways then goes red, it might be a fade entry on that confirmed weakness cue, or massive sell dumps.


Working to fill the gap from late July,  it needs 23 cents to meet the close on the day before the big drop. Possible long scalp on an attempt to fill it, then a fail there for a fade entry. Obviously if it takes and holds 4.94 or 5+ especially on volume it could be held long, too. I tend to think we either fail on the test of the gap fill, or begin dumping early or immediately, failing even to test for a short. If so, and it goes red, fade it.


Wow, they got a patent. I could patent being the King of penny stock picks, would you buy shares of me if I went public? Up over 328% on Friday, I suspect a fade entry awaits on clear weakness cues or massive sell dumps. Remain flat otherwise. If late to the party longs show up and buy this at the gun on Monday, I will definitely issue stock!


Cheapie starting to over extend. A fade on confirmed weakness cues or morning panic, keep flat otherwise. Not a ton of volume on the rise, so it might pan out soon.


The hod before the drop day was 2.25 and now it sits at 1.85 and might have a tad more left on another run at 2. Such a try could be scalped long. We could take and hold 2 but my guess is that 2.25 could hold as a high. The rug could be pulled fast and suddenly, so be careful if long at any point, as suggested above. Also a short on a fail at 2 and or the usual clear weakness cues or heavy dump selling. In 12 Newsletters now.


Look at that chart and tell me it just will keep going up each day. So far, it has, and I have lost on this in my picks twice, but a nice red day awaits the patient stalker willing to wait for this to crack on confirmed weakness cues or heavy dump selling. Remain flat otherwise. Longs were out of the question days ago.

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