Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Trade review 11-30-10

I got some picks right...



This played out perfectly. A gap up open soon went red and tanked nicely and evenly into the finish, which was red by nearly 31% today.


This also finally worked out to the hoped for script. 4 even was the hod, and it opened 5 cents below that, with a mid morning bounce that stalled right at our magic number, before tanking the rest of the way. Red close by over 13% today.


This spiked up from the bell and also sported traditional weakness cues for entry on the fade, to it panned out from both directions. Red by over 2% today. The short was the most practical as it happened over 5 minutes into the session.


Opening on a gap up over 0.50, this moved up at first for new 52's, it did not hold, and a fail fall below that also going red yielded a nice short. Closed down by over 8% on the day.



Gap down open initially began to falter, then came roaring back to go green for good. Shorts are probably tearing their hair out by now over this stubborn beast. Some were probably faked out, but many might have wisely kept flat, given how early the down side came and how it played out. Green close by over 3% today.


The fake out here merits a loss. Closed red by nearly 2.5% today. After the first useless 5 minute candle, it appeared the long would work out, but it soon headed below 6 for good. The directionality was off, too.



Nice spiking from the bell, as I suspected. Not a red to green as I suspected, though. I favored the long. The 6 fail happened and was a fade entry, but it retested and head faked again before closing lower. At best, a push, but probably not a loss.

Daily record: W-4 L-2-P-1


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