Monday, November 01, 2010

Watchers for the 11-2-10 trading session


See my comments from last time, they mostly still apply. Yes, I know it's up after hours over 5 and I am stubborn, but I am too old to change. Situations like this can go on a lot longer than most folks expect, but some profit taking nerves are bound to be hit here soon. If one big holder dumps, others will join the party.


See my comments from last time, they mostly still apply to this dandy Supernovae. You can do its twin, TRXBQ too, if you want. I chose this one due to its lack of a red day.


Now that I am going public as per my word (LOL) I see no reason why I should not stick to my original analysis, albeit a day or so too soon. Up over 428% in 2 days, I think my odds are favorable. See my comments from last time, they mostly still apply. I keep "calling" Supernovae a day earlier than they show up in my computerized scans, and this one is just like TRXAQ in that regard!


Cheapie up over 222% today. No obvious news or catalyst. Pumper? Nothing I could find. Free ride observer promotion does not count. Unless Uranium is the new gold, this is on short watch on confirmed weakness cues or morning panic/massive dumping, stay flat otherwise. When I cannot tell why a stock is up I do not buy it. Closed well off the highs today. Needs more volume.


Approaching new 52's at 6.18 and up over 6 after hours, this earnings winner might have a bit more left for longs in early or from bell spiking up. Closed off the highs, but a run at a new yearly high is possible if more optimists arrive. Depending on how things hold up it might be held longer than a scalp. Obviously, profit taking dumps on volume or clear weakness cues are always potential shorts, but I see this more bullishly.


A promotion that reached new 52's today. It did not hold its spike, but it is possible even more idiots could arrive tomorrow for an at gun or near open scalp long. Shorting this will likely require a top fishing fade, which is a lot riskier than our usual methods of pouncing on weakness, so I would be careful here unless able to enter short without doing so. Has squeezed the dickens out of fade players lately, which will give impetus to any early spiking due to shake outs. The "news" released today does not merit mention, this is just junk.


Another promotion that finally caved today. Might have more down side to fade into on early morning panic or just plain verified weakness cues. Easiest route on that would be a nominally green or flat open that goes red within the first 2 hours or so. Not interested in a long here.


The conference call must have went over well. I am long on at least a scalp on initial spiking up or any red to green move, preferably early. Depending on how it holds up it might be held longer than briefly. I do not want it to gap up too much, as it might crap and I am not as interested in a short on this. Only buy strength here.

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