Thursday, December 09, 2010

Watchers for the 12-10-10 trading session


See my previous comments (for many days running, now, I know!) for details. This is one heck of a pump, one of the best I have seen in many moons, but when the dump fix is in, it is going to be a short to die for.


See HHWW for details as to pump quality, they apply here to a degree. Also see my previous comments on this as potential short from last time, they mostly still apply. Everyone and his brother wants to short this pig.


Again, see my comments from last time, they mostly still apply. Obviously it could continue yet again up, but I am not even considering a long anymore on this puppy. Fade potential if my conditions are met, as noted.


This is a stock I have won with (if I recall correctly) earlier this year on pick 'ems. Down after hours, it has serious red to green potential if the market wide landscape cooperates. A pull back entry will do if 5.50 holds and advances north.


Still over extending, this is a fade if certain conditions are met. See my comments from last time for details.


I like the chart pattern here. Any hold of 8 as a floor could be a pull back entry for a swing play. Down under 8 after hours, a possible move to reclaim this is a long, which might yet go green as it tries to accelerate. If it opens and just keeps falling, stay flat.


Took out some serious resistance around 4ish. Might see a 4.50 or more test on Friday. I am long on the attempt. Not into a short on weakening. Up after hours, but still under the above level.

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