Sunday, December 12, 2010

Watchers for the 12-13-10 trading session


Yes, I am really stubborn. See my comments over many of the past few sessions. They mostly still apply. One common problem on this manipulated NXTH style beast, is the head fakes. More than once now we have seen days where one thinks "this is it!" only to see it bounce furiously back green. Friday's morning panic dump was awesome if you covered on the first green 5 minute candle after the tumble. Do not be greedy!


New Supernovae scan return. With huge gap ups and such the past few sessions, this is currently a Bullish beast. Volume is still strong, too. However, although it might not be done yet, it will be a possible short on massive profit taking dumps and the usual confirmed weakness cues, especially when the volume dries up. Down after hours, if it opens that way do not short at once, as it might try to fill the gap. Patience is a virtue.


Scamex surprise that rolled Friday on news on heavy volume making new 52's. I expect new idiots may arrive to buy that can be long scalped into early or even from the gun. Needs to stay above 2.50ish. If it does not gap down to far, possible red to green long entry. The duration of these plays will depend on how it holds up.


Nice volume in the last hour and a half of Friday! I expect this to test 14. Possible profit taking short there if it fails to take and hold it on continued strong buying. This might involve an early red to green. If we open below the above level (expected) a long on the rise to it can be long scalped, with an exit on stalling out at 14.


A bit pricey, but interesting. This fast approaches a 52 week highs test for fail ot break out at 19.48ish. Huge correction since May when the high was established is now in sight. Short on a failed test, and long on taking and holding 19.50+ on strong volume.


I do not see an official PR. Rumor is merger possibly, if MB chatter is to be believed, but it seldom is. In play both ways. If we see greedy "me too's" from the bell, a possible long scalp might surface with a bolt at the first sign of trouble. If we begin failing equally early, a short is to be considered.


A process somewhat like HHWW in terms of movement, this one seems to be speeding up. A bit late to the party so be advised and careful. A small speculative position as a long for a possible day trade or cautious swing might be on tap.

Also watching unofficially GAJ for resumption after bankruptcy halt. Despite how far it fell on Friday, a possible short scalp (with a holding length determined by how bad the re-open panic is) beckons.

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