Sunday, January 30, 2011

Trade review 1-28-11

At least I got something right on Friday...



A dead on short call. This opened on a gap up near the hod and nicely morning panicked for the fade entry signal. An obligatory bounce followed, then sideways movement into the close, which was red by nearly 17% on Friday. Easy money.



This should have won for shorts, but technically failed. Opening on a gap down, this fell soon after and went sideways nearly all day. It powered into the close and surprisingly finished green by over 4.5% on Friday. Most who faded probably banked by closing out before the final rally.


Whipsaw loss that started just fine, opening on a gap up right at 15 which moved forward a bit and then fell red, returned green, then fell under again for good. Closed down by over 3% on Friday. Choppy price action.


Opening on a gap up, this faked out shorts by going just red around lunch time. It traded just below the flat line and then returned green to near earlier highs, which continued into the close, that was green by over 1% on Friday. Choppy whipsaws can lose money, but most likely avoided any play here given how it played out.



This never reddened after opening on a gap up. Moved up from the start for 30 minutes, then went sideways most the way, finishing off of the highs, but still green by over 12.5% on Friday. No shorting signal here.


Opening on a gap up, the greening was lost in the gap. It went essentially nowhere all day and fell on the very last 5 minute candle, but still closed up less than 1% on Friday. 30 minutes in, it touched red but closed on the flat line in the same 5 minute candle, recovering to best earlier highs nominally. Good enough for a push.


This gapped and crapped at once, the first 5 minute candle going red, so longs had no chance to ever enter. Opening on a gap up at the hod, it sold off all day and finished down over 7.5% on Friday. A no play push.

Daily record: W-1 L-3-P-3


A rare bad day for me that was not as bad as it looked on paper. Most probably banked on LPTN and few shorts were probably duped on PSTI but being as I am honest, the score card is what it is... 

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