Monday, January 03, 2011

Trade review 1-3-11

I got a few picks right...



Easy money when this gap up soon went red and dived nicely under 3 buck support. Finished off of the lows with later perking into the finish but still red by over 4% today.


Another easy win as this gap down soon began consistently trading under the opening price, yielding a fade entry. Even gentle declining set in, which continued into the close. Red finish by over 19% today.


A perfect play as we opened square on a buck at the hod on the initial 5 minute candle and failed, as I had predicted. This kept up an even partially sideways decay into the close, which was red by nearly 17% today.



Choppy price action means a plausible loss can be claimed here. A very early try to bust 4 and hold failed, and it decayed much like previous attempts did over the months. This yielded a short when it quickly faded out and fell south. However, in the afternoon it decisively punched through. Many shorts could have been faked out for losses. I did say it could play out in part the way it did, but that assumed it would keep red after the initial peek over 4 and reversal. Closed green by over 4.5% today.



Opening on a big gap down at the lod, volume dramatically fell today as this slid under 0.50 for the fade entry. Red close by over 7.5% today, but it closed higher than it opened. The slide was all lost in the gap. It began moving up from early on, icing a no-play scenario, which was already likely given the sub-50 cent debut. The best play here was to avoid any entry, given the gap scenario and early strength price action.


I got the direction right, but it was really a daily doji print session essentially. It closed higher than it opened, albeit barely. Strong early, it decayed as the session went on, closing green by a bit over 1% today. A push since while it could have made money for longs who conservatively closed out, not much room for error.


Large gap down negated a safe initial entry. It opened at the lod and immediately advanced, greening early but began to stall around lunch. It faded back and then went solidly red, which continued into the close. Finished south by over 53% today. The afternoon short was a dandy, but the split personality means a push. Most of you probably wrote the play off from the early strength and missed the entry later on, keeping flat.

Daily record: W-3 L-1-P-3


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