Thursday, January 20, 2011

Watchers for the 1-21-11 trading session


See my analysis from last time, it mostly still applies. Advanced again today, with a higher close than the open, but weakest volume yet. Still a potential short. Keep flat on early strength/greening, only fade weakening cues.


First red day, Supernovae scan return. What makes this plausible for down side, despite a drop today of over 25.5% is that after hours, it is UP over 27% if you can believe it! So, it is back like the initial Supernovae of last time, with the red day history. See my analysis from last time on it, is mostly still applies. Possible short.


Nice budding over extension, but a bit thin on volume. I like the moves though. Potential short on confirmed weakness cues, or early panic dumping. As usual, the best outcome would be a flat or nominally green or red open, followed by a clear move negative. Avoid longs altogether on any greening or early Bullishness and big gaps, especially downward.


It never fails. Many up days in the current re-rise, and in one day over minutes many days or weeks are wiped out in one fell swoop. Believe it or not, the potential for more down side after falling almost 27% today is there. Avoid longs altogether on any greening or early Bullishness and big gaps, especially downward. Fade early or initial heavy volume dumps or any confirmed weakness cues, more like the latter occurs on a flat or barely up or down open. Especially worth noting is how it reacts on another 2 test, as more reddening could follow if it is taken out from above. If it holds solidly, and you are in short and up just modestly, just exit.


Revenue winner that rolled nearly 66% up today from a lod open on huge volume. Closed off of the highs, but what a move. Up after hours, too. No real run up as the Street was taken by surprise, and such a play usually goes higher short term. The best entry is on the day it surprises, admittedly, but more upside could follow. New 52's, also. A long on early strength/greening, hold time depends on how it sustains, or spiking up at or near the gun, which could be green scalped. Not into a short here, so if it weakens early, keep flat.


Nice correction cup since October, to get over 2.11 and holds with New 52's. Possible long on initial or early spiking up for a green scalp. If it just steadily advances it might be a longer hold for Bullish entries. An early red to green long is possible, too, as it is only up a tad after hours. The key for pull back entry longs is a test of the previous high as a new floor. If 2.11 holds on a test and perks up off of it, then all systems are go. A stop is possible below 2 as this a clear sign of failure. Avoid shorts on weakening or early dumps, be flat.


New 52's today, though it closed on the old one at 0.80 with the biggest volume yet. Seems a bit overdone, though. In play both ways, as if it perks up off of the closing price and takes out 0.90 on volume it might keep going for a long, or if it falls under 0.80 it might be a key selling point to fade into. A live price action situation. If already long I would consider taking profits at or soon after the bell. Possible gap and crap to fade there. If going long before it hits 0.90 on a steady rise from a flat or barely green debut, I would do a starter position size and phase in the rest as it overtook and held 0.90 to hedge my bets.

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