Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Trade review 2-1-11

I got some of these plays right today...



Opening on a gap down, this fell evenly most of the way, trading under the opening price signal en route to down finish of nearly 23% today. The high never closed the gap, so staying in was easy through the noise.


Dropped from the gun with morning panic perfectly. 90 minutes in it just began to move sideways, lasting into the close, which was red by over 21.5% today.


Easy money as this opened on a gap up and immediately advanced, trading above the opening price signal consistently. Finished off of the highs but still green by over 6% today.


Having broken support yesterday, the reddening continued after it opened right at 5.50 which proved to be the hod. It then steadily fell half the day, and closed off the lows in a recovery, but still down nearly 3% today.


The over extension call played out perfectly, after opening on a gap up. hat proved to be the hod, which soon fell red. It traded mostly sideways the rest of the day, closing south by nearly 6% today.



Arguably a push, as this faked few out with experience, but I was wrong on the timing and direction, assuming it had more before the dumpers acted. It did not. Opening on a gap up at the hod, it dumped at once, but recovered soon after and went green a bit to fake out naive longs. Then came the real dump fast and hard. A recovery bounce lasted into the close, but it never went positive again, finishing south by over 3.5% today.



A push as longs never got an entry. It dumped from the gun from a gap up at the hod for a while early, then traded sideways most of the way, en route to a down finish of nearly 4% today. A 10 test or hold never arose. Almost impossible to fake out any would be longs on price action like this.

Daily record: W-5 L-1-P-1


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