Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Trade review 2-2-11

I got some picks right on this day...



Opening on a gap up, this looked great all session on day 2. It rose at once, gradually drifting upward, en route to a green finish of nearly 6.5% today.


Bargain hunters did arrive early, apparently not as impressed with blog assertions of fraud as those alleged by governmental agencies. It closed positive by about 1% after a lod open that rose steadily from the gun in the 1st 30 minutes. It closed off of the highs after peaking and retreating a bit but remaining green. The long scalp worked well, when it became clear that the damage indeed was priced in already. Do not confuse this type of play with an accusation by the Feds. Those have more staying power and legs.



A whipsaw loss as this opened nominally red and went green, faking out longs and returning red. It did it again a bit later before going red for good. Closed down by over 1% today. I nearly listed WNR instead as my pick last night and that one did fine. Too bad I did not go with that one!



Seems like a win as it closed negative. But that was lost in a gap down, which began to fill on open. It closed higher than it opened, but still red, by over 4% today. There was no tenable entry on this, so it is a push.


After a gap up, this had one pull back candle, then gently advanced. No shorting signal arose. It was in positive territory the entire way. Went sideways with some dipping, but the day's lod never reappeared. Closed green by over 2.5% today.


Opening at the hod right at 7.50 this fell at once, never getting a chance for a long in any way. Meek recoveries failed to green, and it closed down by over 1% today. A push due to no entry signal.


This spiked way up from the gun, and I said to keep flat in that case. No easy gap and crap arose. I underestimated how strong this would be on day 2. Opening on a big gap up, it closed green by over 45% today. Might be a short on over extension soon, but not today.Never allow yourself to be run over by a bus.

Daily record: W-2 L-1-P-4


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