Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Trade review 2-23-11

I got effectively all of them right today...


KV.A and KV.B

Gap down bounce fill barely greened earlly for a brief moment then resumed reddening, which was even and measured all the way into the close, that was down by at least over 11% on them today. Nice 2nd red day!


Gap up greened early, then reversed hard, going green to red yielding a short entry. This hugged the flat line a bit negative, then sped up into the close, which was south by over 12.5% today.


Except for the initial 5 minute noise candle, this gap up soared on beautiful spikes in the morning, as suspected. Top fishers had a not too hard to time fade, but the long was easy on the cancer mania for day two. It rose again as the day matured, ending green by over 76% today. Volume actually rose today, even!


Every dog has its day, and this one morning panic sold beautifully. A modest gap down at the hod just fell off a cliff in the dump, with several nice candles to fade into. Closed off of the lows, but still red by over 15% today.


Another timely dumper, this one opened on a gap up modestly, and hugged the flat line positively a tad until around lunch time, when it morning panic style dumped perfectly, allowing a fade. Closed well off of the lows, but still red by nearly 7.5% today.


As of Wednesday it is not OTC but the Pinks OTCQB Actually, it fell today there by nearly 13.5% Opening on a gap up at the hod, it fell from the start, closing off the lows but still quite negative, going green to red.





This was robbery. Most shorts banked due to the price action in terms of how it was ordered. It fell nicely from the beginning, having gapped down. This lasted 30 minutes, and then it went sideways for hours, staying red. It closed strong, though, finally finishing on the flat line. Daily doji print with an unchanged finish. Most shorts would have exited with the loot before it evened out, which is comforting to keep in mind here. This is about the only time this stock ever held a spike, and even here it did not as it failed to actually green.

Daily record: W-6 L-0-P-1


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