Thursday, February 03, 2011

Trade review 2-3-11

I got some of these things right today...



An easy win as this gapped and crapped, once again failing on day 2. Better yet, the gap up was at the hod then it shortly after fell and went red for good, trading sideways into the finish to close down by nearly 9% today.


This was strong again today, as suspected. Opening on a gap up, it printed the lod in the first useless 5 minute noise candle, then kept advancing. The gap did not fill and it traded primarily sideways into the close, which was green by nearly 10.5% today.


Also played out to script. Took 5 cents easy, storming up out of the gate at the lod with little hesitation. Peaked out around an hour in, and closed off of the highs but still positive by over 30.5% today.



A whipsaw loss as this choppy number opened on a gap down, then went red to green, making the hod in the first 35 minutes. This fake out then faded, going red mostly for good, greening by a cent in the afternoon and nodding off into the close, which was down by nearly 4% today. It never took 2, but it was a Bull trap.


A loss as this faked out shorts on a whipsaw. Choppy price action saw a gap down go red to green after the initial  useless 5 minute noise candle. It did not last, trapping longs when it returned red. It went nominally green after a recovery, but after trading sideways for hours, an afternoon fade closed red by over 4% today.


Opening on a modest gap down, this probably faked out at least a few shorts when it continued to go downward and sideways for more than 5 minutes, albeit on low volume. Then it began to rebound, soon advancing on heavy volume, going green for good. Prices drifted up into the close, which was up by nearly 32.5% today. Arguably a push, since the price action probably fooled only naive shorts, but technically a loss.



Essentially a win, as it closed lower than it opened, but better termed a push. Opening on a sizable gap up, it advanced from the start, which I said to keep flat on. It did permit a top fade, but that was not a cinch to time, given how it played out. The decay eventually filled the gap to the flat line, but afternoon greening made it close positive by nearly 6.5% on the day. The mixed bag merits an unclear outcome. Most either banked or kept out, but it was not easy money given the live price action.

Daily record: W-3 L-3-P-1


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