Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Trade review 3-16-11

I got some plays right today...



This played out perfectly. A gap up crapped when that proved to be the hod, which dumped from the gun for the 1st hour, followed by sideways price action into the close, red by over 17.5% today.


The hod printed early and this fell evenly much of the session. Once it began trading under the opening price level, shorts had a play. Closed red by over 52.5% today.



A fake out loss. A flat open fell red early, but stabilized. It gradually recovered and finished green by over 18.5% today when the stock accelerated into the close.


The beat unsurprisingly went on for longs, but it was a choppy ride indeed. Long or short one could have been faked out due to the whipsaw price action it featured. Closed green by over 2% today, but it's a loss.


This looks like a win, as it closed positive. But proving again my honesty compared to most in finance, this is recorded as a loss. A gap up open advanced, but fell red about 1.5 hours in. It rallied, eventually closing green by over 1% today, but longs could have been stopped out on the choppy ride. I do not fudge results.



We saw no down side gravy, but nobody likely got trapped short. It opened on a gap down at the lod and advanced up from the bell. After an hour or so it traded sideways, which lasted into the close, green by over 19.5% today. Not a surprise as it closed down so much on the 1st red day.


A narrow range as this finished essentially unchanged. A gap down just went sideways all day. It closed higher than it opened, but the gap caused it to close red theoretically by a tiny hair. No scalp long ever arose, suggesting a flat stance.

My unofficial play TDCP should have been an official one. The short on a gap and crap played out as planned for shorts. It fell at once and rallies failed to green. It closed red by over 17.5% today.

An uncommon poor day for me. It was a toss up whether to go with TDCP or ES yesterday. I chose the wrong stock to add which did not help.

Daily record: W-2 L-3-P-2


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