Monday, March 28, 2011

Trade review 3-28-11

I got some of these things right today...


Sadly, none. All 3 of my losses looked like they were going to win, but whipsawed or faked out the would-be trader. Sometimes you can do everything right and still be beaten, which is why stocks are not CDs!



I thought this was an easy win for shorts, as a slight gap down slammed south and stayed there a bit early on. But it gradually recovered, and closed strong on top of it, to finish green by nearly 3.5% today in a whipsaw.


This would be long started off fine, a modest gap up advanced a bit, making more yearly highs, then it gradually fell off, eventually going red for good. Closed south by over 2.5% today in a whipsaw.


Another fake out as this started off looking like a winner when on the 2nd 5 minute candle it took 2 and more after a nominal gap up. Then it fell to the flat line and faded in the afternoon, closing weakly over 4.5% today.



Gap up open. Not a good sign for shorts. Closed positive by nearly 10% today. It did break under 2 by a cent early for one 5 minute candle briefly, but even that one closed over 2, so few if any shorts were trapped. This thing has been a nightmare for shorts so far, at any rate. It kept inching up all day, thus the beat went on.


This began to advance from the gun, yielding no short entry. It closed in a daily doji like print with a close equal to the open today lacking range. Positive by less than 1 half of 1 percent due to the gap.


Another daily doji finish. It did green, but only by 1 half of 1 percent due to the gap. The open and close were identical. Early moves up lacked a scalping price action character.


No reason to be squeezed, as this stock had a gap up from the lod that rose at once, suggesting a flat stance. It remained above the opening price level. Closed green over 82.5% today.

Even my unofficial pick, FASV was a bust. It did fall under red quick by gap and crap at the hod, though, so few if any longs were trapped. Finished south by over 6.5% today.

The worst day by far for me in picks since the inception of the blog in January of 2010. My overall record is stellar, but Monday was not a good sample of my usual accuracy rate! Most of my picks today were longs, which I do not do as well at, of course. Some started out as would be wins, but due to freak whipsaws, they lost by the end of the day. As a blogger, I am one of the most honest in finance, so I do not fudge results to deceive my readership over a temporary bad patch of picks.

Daily record: W-0 L-3-P-4


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