Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trade review 4-12-11

I got a few of these picks right today...



Holy chart patterns Batman! The move on this for days now has been incredible. Another win for Bulls as this gap up near the hod just soared all day, en route to a green finish of over 28.5% today.


Another day another inching dollar. Gap up just moved north all day, advancing steadily into the close, which was positive by 12.5% today. A buck easily held and was never challenged.


This gap filled and went modestly red at once, then soon filled to red to green strongly for the long. Retreating prices held above the flat line and it traded sideways much of the remainder, en route to a positive finish of over 5% today.


I liked most of the longs better but this was a perfect easy short. A weak gap down that was above 5 fell under soon after the open, and gently faded off all day. It closed south by over 4.5% today without noise.



A noisy ride could have lost money for shorts. A gap up fell near the open, going green to red. It rebounded, going green and back later to red again, making a new low. It closed strong to green by over 3.5% today. It did close lower than it opened, due to the gapper. Some could have made it out alright, but this was a dud.


This faked out longs when it met the entry requirements, but soon failed, diving back under from green to red. It eventually fought all the way back to nominally green, but went sideways most of the remainder to close down less than 1 half of 1 percent. It looks like a daily doji print and almost a push, but it deserves a loss.



Here .06 never really was built upon. Gap up at the hod fell at once, and while .05 was not actually tested, the negative price action was clear early on. It barely greened briefly at lunch after everyone intending a long would have given up on it, but quickly headed back under and closed weakly, down over 5.5% today. Whenever your criteria for entry is not met, the best advice is to keep flat and save your money for later.

Daily record: W-4 L-2-P-1


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