Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Trade review 4-26-11

I got some of them correct today...



The 30 minute rule worked like a charm. This thing hit 5 bucks! A gap up fell on the initial noise candle, then just headed up, going green and it kept going all day. Volume lessened, but it closed up almost 25% today.


A gap down at the hod fell gradually all day, en route to a red finish of almost 23% today.


Aside from the initial noise candle, this one played out to perfection. A gap up near the hod went green to red in the 1st 5 minutes. It gently faded all day, en route to a negative finish of over 21% today.


A flat open at the lod worked perfectly for longs, when it advanced steadily half of the day. It gradually decayed the rest of the way, closing off of the highs, but still green by nearly 3.5% today. Most Bulls banked.



Closed unchanged so this is arguable as a push, but I am claiming it as a loss. The reason is that it advanced nicely out of the box, which I said to keep flat on, but then fell as strongly back to the flat line, going red. Any entry on the break below lost money, even if not much for the shorts. It gradually recovered, even greening somewhat, before a weak close made it end without movement from last time.


Another unchanged finish that was probably a loser for shorts. A seeming red finish was actually deceptive due to the order and kind of price action that produced it. Most entries on the break under the flat line lost money, due to a gradual recovery in the afternoon. It seemed like shorts were alright, but it did not last.



As suspected, this went nowhere today. An unchanged finish means most longs are even on swing holds. A gap fill entry might even be up a bit currently if still holding. Gap up open means it closed up from last time, but by less than 1.5% today and all due to and lost in the gap.

Off record, QPSA was a whipsawing roller coaster ride, going well above 9 and falling red a bit, then making new highs, before a weak afternoon and finish caused it to close down over 5% today. JRJC fell from the bell opening at the then hod, which reversed and greened a bit, but failed to hold 6+ and slowly faded off into the finish, which was negative by nearly 3% today. A mixed bag, some could have banked but possibly not.

Daily record: W-4 L-2-P-1


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