Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Trade review 4-27-11

I got some of them correct on this day...



Unfreaking real. Unfriggen real!!! Basically, if you were long all day from the open, you can now finance your own run for president! A gap up at the lod just basically ran north all day, closing somewhat off of the highs but still positive by over 48% (!!!) today. What an amazing run, almost in MXC territory of 2008.


A gap down at the hod kept going, fading slowly en route to a red finish of over 11.5% today.



A loss since this gap up at the hod fell at once, but any likely entry after the initial noise candle lost money, since it closed higher than the second candle due to a strong close, although it faded much of the way.



Some probably banked on this but it's a push. A gap up at the hod fell at once, going red. It continued to dive, but gradually recovered, then closed unchanged from the previous session close.


This looked kind of strong from the bell, advancing initially. It never took out the previous session close to yield a shorting signal, only touching the flat line later on. It eventually finished positive by nearly 6.5% today.


This finished barely green, and essentially unchanged. Once this broke over, the result would have been a push for most longs, though some already holding are up a bit more now.


This is arguably a win, given that it closed positive by nearly 2% today. But after a flat open fell at once, it stayed a bit under the flat line, greening almost at lunch. This was too late for a safe entry, so a cash stance was suggested. The greening held up, but that is besides the point.

My off table pick GFRE was interesting. It closed positive by over 4% today but the price action hardly permitted any good long entry. A gap up accounted for most of the greening, though it closed higher than it opened. It fell early but had a stronger afternoon, before tapering off into the close. Probably a no play.

Daily record: W-2 L-1-P-4

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