Monday, April 04, 2011

Trade review 4-4-11

I got some of these plays right today...



Easy money as this gap up at the hod went green to red after the initial noise candle early on and never looked back. It kept falling most of the way, closing down over 18% today.


The beat went on yet again for this long incher, as it opened on a gap up and advanced most of the way. It dipped negative a bit very briefly, early, on a typical gap fill, which resumed greening soon after. Few longs would have been shaken out since it was nowhere near the previous session low and lasted just minutes. Closed positive by over 5% today.


A perfect pull back entry on the higher level support band transpired, when this gap up filled and resumed its march north as I essentially predicted. It steadily advanced all day, closing up over 4.5% today.



I got robbed on this one. It stated out like a clear win, but honesty makes me list it as a painful loss. Opening a bit over the flat line, this steadily rose all morning. Around lunch it began a gradual decay down, finally going red nominally into the close by less than 1 half of 1 percent. Almost a push, but the turnaround merits a loss.


Closing green by nearly 12% today, it looks like this was a win, and certainly not a loss, as I was long biased. But I report my picks honestly, always. On a gap up which crapped fast, it went red to green, then back under. Stops under the previous session low were impossible due to the distance between that an any logical entry, so many would have stopped out. It hung onto the flat line most of the way, but closed very strongly.



The news was terrible, evidently, and it gapped down so big no play was possible. Just be glad you (hopefully) were not long and trapped by being in before the halt! The bounce from the dead cat from the start was predictable sort of, but I did not specify that and I do not like to play huge gaps using my set ups.


A big dud. No long was possible as it never looked strong. A flat open gapped and crapped from the hod, and never looked back. It stayed down all day, closing off of the lows but still red by nearly 26% today.

My unofficial picks went as follows: INHX opened on a gap down, which kept falling initially, but eventually went red to green for good. It closed positive by over 5.5% today. The move to positive happened late but I got the call essentially correct. DAC opened on a slight gap down and advanced steadily all day. It took 7 easily which was a long signal, and never looked back. I got the call fully correct here as well.

Daily record: W-3 L-2-P-2


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