Thursday, April 07, 2011

Trade review 4-7-11

I got some plays accurate today...



This went red from a flat debut and kept going, fading all morning, before going sideways the rest of the day, closing down nearly 29% today.


The euphoria was indeed short lived. A perfect gap and crap from the hod ensured as this went green to red early, and it never looked back. Later in the morning it retook the flat line, but the hod was never challenged. It faded the rest of the way to close south over 27% today.



I thought we might see more gravy reddening out of this, but it chopped instead. A gap up fell at once, then went lower after 5 minutes of trading. It drifted in and out of plus and minus territory lightly, then got traction on a trip up that held green. It ended up closing north by nearly 2% today. A noisy day, and I favored a fade.


This looks like a push, but it's a loss, since it whipsaw faked out. Some longs could have been trapped. Opening on a gap up, it went green to red and back again, holding briefly, printing over the opening price level after the initial noise candle. It then headed back down, going red, and kept fading. It traded sideways in the afternoon, closing negative by over 1% today.



Opening on a gap up, this looked strong from the start, suggesting a flat stance as it never weakened. It advanced at first, then moved sideways most of the remainder. It closed green by over 9% partly via the gap.


I said to keep flat on positive price action. This was a gap up and go, opening at the lod, which just kept going. Still no news I can obviously see, but it advanced over 41% today. Shorts never had an entry cue.


The initial candle looked weak, and 2nd one moved positive for a moment, but closed at the opening price exactly. This weak price action suggested a flat stance. The next candle fell under and it drifted slowly all day down into the close, which was negative by over 3.5% today. Longs never had a 6 test or a plausible entry.
I mentioned I also liked CRIS off table, a play similar to the one above. It opened on a gap up and looked alright early, but it fell red and never really recovered, closing down over 3.5% today as well.

Daily record: W-2 L-2-P-3


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