Sunday, May 01, 2011

Trade review 4-29-11

I got a few picks right on Friday...



A world class short indeed! I just hope you found shares. A slight gap up cliff dived from near the gun to go green to red. It continued to panic, then bounced, and faded off into the close, which was south by 65% on Friday. Getting out would have been hard for longs without some slippage, the price of tardy greediness.


Although it soared out of the box, it peaked out and dived hard to go green to red in about an hour. A tepid bounce greened, but soon fell back under for good. An afternoon fade ensued and it closed down 30% on Friday.


A gap up near the hod dumped immediately. After going green to red, it kept fading all day into the close, finishing south by over 43% on Friday.


A gap up near the hod dropped from the bell, going green to red. It traveled mostly sideways the rest of the way, closing negative by over 14% on Friday.


The fade panned out well. Almost a gap up and crap with 4.50 exactly being the hod. After falling all morning it rebounded, failing to green. Another rally into the close helped, but it closed red by over 1% on Friday.



A flat open at the hod began to fall soon after the debut. Once it broke 0.65 a shorting signal occurred. Any entry below that lost since it recovered as the day progressed. Closed red by nearly 3% on Friday, though.



The good news is we hit 20 bucks, the bad news is we did not go any higher. We opened just above flat and fell red in the morning, then moved green for good. The stock never yielded an entry long or short, but did make new 52's. Closed up over 1% on Friday but a flat stance means no result.

Daily record: W-5 L-1-P-1

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