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Trade review 5-13-11

Note: Due to Blogger being down for posting, my recap for last Thursday and Friday's picks were posted on my mirror site at I use this whenever my main page is not working. Always check my Twitter feed in addition to Blogger, since the former site could point you to a link of posts for such emergencies. Chart posting optional. You can find these posts linked below:

I got some of these plays right on Friday...



A solid gap down fell a bit more on the initial noise candle, but then bounced hard, going red to green. After peaking just 15 minutes in, it began to decay steadily. This lasted all day, with it beginning to redden somewhat before lunch. All afternoon it faded well below the flat line, closing south by nearly 6.5% on Friday.


A nice gap and crap on an open near the hod which began to fall at once and went green to red in 15 minutes. It fell most of the morning, before recovering slowly, beginning at lunch. A weak close helped, though it never regained its footing. Closed down over 8% on Friday.


A flat open that advanced at once, quickly peaking. It began to decay thereafter, with shorts getting an entry on the green to red move near lunch. It dived hard, then spent the afternoon slowly rebounding, but it closed south by over 3% on Friday. 


A gap up began to fill early, which soon went red outright. This stayed near the flat line, however, and a red to green long ensued in the late morning. New annual highs did not keep on climbing, but it closed positive by over 1% on Friday. Most longs banked, but it was peanuts and boring.



No, this did not spike out of the open clearly, but after the initial noise candle printed green it weakened following a sizable gap up, then took out the initial high. This was a trap for longs, since it did not last. The hod printed 45 minutes in, and it faded the rest of the way. Almost closing the gap and closing lower than it opened, it ended up almost 5.5% on Friday.


A fake out loss as this gap up fell out of the open going green to red for the 1st 15 minutes. Some shorts might have been sucked in. Then it reversed hard to go green, making new highs for the current rise. It spent most of the day fading from there, eventually closing weakly to end down over 2.5% but that was deceptive.



Most longs probably kept flat given the early price action with a clear gap down and weakness. It gradually recovered, going green. 1.50 was briefly surpassed a bit on 1 candle, then it fell back under and kept decaying all day. I only specified a B/O fail on a gap over with a test and fail, not such choppy movement. Arguably a win on the failed chat pattern, but more accurately described as a push.

Off table pick ARTX barely advanced on low volume, when a gap up open fell red early and soon reversed to go red to green. This held up fine until the afternoon, when it fell and closed weak, nearly going flat but finishing positive by a bit less than 1% on Friday. PNSN bounced as predicted, with the initial noise candle greening, retreating but holding above the daily low and advancing in the morning. It went sideways in the afternoon, closing green by 7% on Friday. A split on these 2, though the former is still alive to go Supernovae.

Daily record: W-4 L-2-P-1

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