Monday, May 02, 2011

Trade review 5-2-11



More gravy reddening as a flat open near the hod fell from the bell. After about 60 minutes of tanking, it gradually recovered, but not enough to green. It closed down over 14.5% today.


This worked perfectly on the 20 fail. A modest gap up a cent above the hod fell a once, going green to red early on, and it kept tanking all day. Nice even fading into the close, which was south by over 2.5% today.


A gap up and go for easy money. Longs rejoiced as this soared early, pulled back somewhat, then evenly rose all day, making new highs which continued into the close, a green one by over 28% today.


A perfect entry here as this one opened flat and pulled back and held support around 0.70 just as I predicted it would, bouncing and going red to green early. It kept going in the morning, peaking and gradually faded down, but still kept positive by over 14% today. A gimmie play if there ever was one!



A clean bounce from very oversold conditions near the bell arose, when this lost most of the A/H rise to open only 5 cents above the previous session close. It traded sideways and dipped in the afternoon but closed strong to end up over 18.5% today. This played out easily enough, but not as I envisioned it. I am calling this a loss because I had the timing/bias of the main play off & entering later on could have lost money either way.



No gravy down side today, but no matter as a flat stance was obvious at the start when it advanced immediately. I stated no longs here. The hod was printed early, and it gradually decayed the rest of the way, but stayed in positive territory. Opening near the lod, it closed up almost 6.5% today.


A big gap up discouraged entries altogether. Shorts almost had a play but a retreat early held the flat line. It gently rose the remainder of the session, closing well off of the lows but still green by over 9.5% today.

My unofficial picks went as follows: LOGL opened flat near the hod, and soon went green to red. It traveled sideways a while before dumping hard in the afternoon. Most longs were alright if entering today or holding swings since it weakened first before the big drop. Closed red by over 14.5% today. LEE kept falling, but it opened flat at the hod, so no longs were likely to bite. It closed down over 9.5% today, so we have to wait at least another day to play for a bounce.

Daily record: W-4 L-1-P-2

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