Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Trade review 6-15-11

I got some of them right today...



A gap down tried to fill right after the open but failed to hit the flat line. It then decayed, soon taking out the opening price level which was a clear shorting signal. A slow burn down lasted to red close of over 18% today.


Price action was much like for the above play. A gap down could not fill and soon fell under the opening price level. Rallies did not green to trip stops, and a gradual decay ended down 20% today.


A boring win as this gap up open held the flat line easily and advanced strongly up early on, consistently trading above the opening price level for the long entry. A retrace kept positive, rebounding to finish off of the highs but still positive by over 6.5% today.



A fake out loss was possible here when a gap down open filled early and went green. That did not last, and it did not equal or exceed the new 52's from last time, though. It soon fell back under the flat line, gradually decaying all day to end south by almost 3.5% today.


I could claim this as a push or even a win, almost, but technically it's a loss. Closed higher than it opened, but still negative due to the gap down. That soared at once to go red to green strongly early on, but it peaked in the 1st 45 minutes. It was all down hill from there, actually closing weak to end red by over 1% today. Most longs would have exited with something probably instead of holding to the bitter end, but my trigger price was pretty high and above where it closed, which means it has to be listed as a loss.



A clear gap down soared almost at once to go red to green, denying shorts an entry. Peaking about 30 minutes in, it gradually faded the rest of the way, closing weak and actually under the flat line barely right at the end. No short was feasible, a no play. Closed higher than it opened but still red due to the gapper.


A flat no play ensued when this opened on a modest gap down at the hod and fell at once. Later rallies could only equal the high and the flat line or higher was never threatened. Gradual fading commenced en route to a negative finish of nearly 2% today.

Off record picks GBTR opened on a modest gap up at the lod and soared almost 248.5% today, denying shorts a play, going supernovae. RYUN did likewise, advancing over 46% which yielded no short entry.

Daily record: W-3 L-2-P-2


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