Thursday, June 09, 2011

Trade review 6-9-11

I got some of them correct today...



A big win as this gap up open near the lod began to rise at once, pulling back near lunch but slowly and steadily rising again to finish off of the highs but still up by over 26.5% today.


A boring win as a nominal gap down sported early pseudo weakness, then went red to green for the long entry. This held up and closed off of the highs, but still positive by over 1% today. A bread and butter play.


A perfect play win that opened on a gap up, which broke out up all day evenly and strongly. It closed off of the highs but still positive by over 14.5% today.


A perfect easy bounce play for a long win ensued from a flat open a cent above the lod steadily advanced modestly until a retrace held the flat line. Then it picked up the pace nicely, before going sideways in the afternoon and closing positive by over 8% today. 2 held which was a nearby feedback level for Bulls to use.



A gap up open gradually advanced nicely, triggering a long entry for several, though the high of the previous day was not overtaken. But it did not last, and once it fell red it stayed that way, steadily decaying all day until it closed negative near the low by over 14% today.



Opening on a gap up at the hod, this slowly began to fall to the flat line, but held, giving no short entry according to my rules. It was a no play. Closed lower than it opened but still green by over 3% today.


This almost worked, but no dice. Our entry trigger never quite materialized, missing by 3 cents. As I said, no entry without a cross of such. A gap down open did not help, though it filled quickly enough. It stayed up with some travels under the flat line and closed weak, to end down over 3% today. A no play.

Daily record: W-4 L-1-P-2


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