Sunday, August 07, 2011

Trade review 8-5-11



An easy win when a gap up fell hard under the flat line. It rallied a few times but never filled the gap. A weak close ended it down over 11% on Friday.



The red to green move after a gap down did not last, faking out longs in the morning. Sadly, it fell back under the flat line and failed to decisively break back above. A weak close ended it red by over 1.5% on Friday.


Although this looks like a tiny win, it proves my honest reporting on results. It closed positive by a bit over 0.5% on Friday, but the entry point was likely a bit above the close. Many would not have exited on the intraday high. A weak afternoon did not help matters. Even aside from commissions this was not profitable.


This looks like a win because the probable entry about 30 minutes in was above the close. But most shorts probably stopped out with the exit level I specified. It did not beat it by much, but it did on a rally intraday. Closed down a bit over 0.5% on Friday. Any stock picker that does not report results correctly is dishonest!



A no play on a gap down open at the lod that steadily climbed slowly to the unchanged point where it ended.


Another no play as it did not trigger by price. A gap down fell early then moved sideways most of the way. It closed down over 10% on Friday and no buy was ever plausible.


Another play that never was because the trigger price was not hit. A gap up and crap from the gun and hod ensued which fell under the previous close. It gently faded all day and closed south by nearly 8.5% on Friday.

Daily record: W-1 L-3-P-3


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