Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Trade review 8-9-11

I got some picks right on this day...



A perfect bounce here after a flat open had a challenge to 1 hold, then a sprightly red to green move followed for the long entry. It moved sideways for a while then tried to retest but held even easier, then advanced into the close to finish up nearly 5% today.


A win despite the noise. A gap up to the entry point fell out of the gate, going red and bottoming early. It then began to recover and was a long on the morning red to green move. 2 more trips back to negative easily held the initial low, so stops should have held. A strong close ended it up over 7% today.


Another win, though not by much. It opened gapping up and began falling to the flat line at once. This held. The trigger hit on the return up and it began to gradually decay most of the way. But the flat line held easily and it closed strongly up over 4.5% today.


An easy win after a 1 cent gap up near the lod fell out of the gate. A few minutes later it began to spike up and overtake the open, yielding a long entry. It peaked in the 1st half hour, but after decaying a bit it traded sideways for hours, before grinding up into the close to end up nearly 5% today. The entry point was likely below the close for longs.



This looks like a plain win, but that's the difference between a blogger who reports their selection outcomes accurately and one who does not. A gap up open fell soon after the open, but the flat line was never in doubt. Once it began to print consistently over the open, it was a long. But a whipsaw flat line breach easily set a new low later in the day, which stopped out many longs most likely. It returned positive into the finish and rallied to earlier highs but that is deceptive given the likely trading path for buyers. Up over 6.5% today.


See my comments above. Nearly identical fake out here. A gap up fell at once, but the flat line held. A return north printed consistently over the open, yielding a long. But a late going dive fell red and set a new low, tripping stops on many buyer positions. It rallied back green and retraced the highs but that was deceptive. Closed positive by over 4.5% today.



A flat open fell negative on the noise candle. Then it rose immediately, not giving shorts a chance. After greening, it traveled sideways the rest of the day and closed positive by over 2% today, narrowly taking out the most recent high. A no play outcome.

Daily record: W-4 L-2-P-1


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