Thursday, September 29, 2011

Trade review 9-29-11

I got some of these things right today...



This advanced out of the gate, but went green to red for the fade play in the early afternoon. It tried to regain the flat line but failed, and closed down close to 1% today likely below the entry point for a modest win.


A clear gap up fell at once, but a late morning red to green ensued and the floor level cited easily held. It never looked back and the flat line held, closing strong/positive by over 4.5% today for a respectable win.



An early fake out for longs, when it triggered then fell back under the flat line. It greened less impressively twice, then closed more respectably to end north by almost 1.5% today. Not a certain loss, but arguably one.


2 fake out points were possible when this gap up fell back under the flat line, recovered, then closed weak to end north by over 0.5% today. Up A/H to 2.70 but a likely loss after commissions and by a cent or a few.



Wow. A halt with a re-open mooted any possible short, and existing long share holders of applicable types are just out of luck! Down over 42% today on a no-play. This is not as uncommon as you might think with stocks like this, which shows that shorting them is usually best AND if longing monitor them live and do not hold them over night! Pennies are risky, no doubt, and you have to think very short term and hedge risks.


I posted the right stock together with the WRONG CHART for this last night, my apologies dear readers! It was a simple Bullish Engulfing play that opened flat on the hod and fell at once, so nobody would have been caught and shorting was not applicable. Closed south by almost 1% today on an obvious no play.


A big gap up spent all day falling from the hod, so entry was not possible. It fell under the open near the end a tad, but closed just over, up about 1% today. Early shorts would have banked, but my specs forbade that.

Daily record: W-2 L-2-P-3


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