Saturday, October 22, 2011

Trade review 10-21-11

I got a few plays correct on Friday...



This played out perfectly for shorts as suspected. A gap up by a cent from the hod fell at once, closing off the lows but negative by over 3.5% on Friday. Off the green to red cross the entry was likely above the close.


This also played out to perfection. A gap up advanced steadily all day. After 5 minutes it held firm, and took out the initial 30 minute high for clear entry long. Closed near the hod up over 11% on Friday.


An easy for shorts as the high printed on the noise candle, before a gradual fade ensued. That high held as it crossed the flat line for the entry. By lunch the dropping ceased, and it moved sideways ending down over 4% on Friday.


A straightforward win when a gap up over the trigger advanced after the noise candle from the lod. Most entries would have been at least nominally profitable. Retraces easily held the flat line. Up almost 5% on Friday.



Possible fake out on longs when it made more new annual high briefly. This happened twice early on, then it fell to and under the flat line, and just kept going. Closed stronger but still red by nearly 2.5% on Friday.


After opening at the hod, it began to fall and rose shortly after, not hitting the flat line. Then it moved sideways for hours until it finally broke under the flat line. This was short lived, and some shorts could have been faked out, though given the gapper, many also kept flat. It rose the remainder into the close, up over 1.5% today.


ORS (new symbol ORSX)

Symbol change here. It continued to dive, down over 63.5% on Friday, but the gap down was so huge it was not possible to safely play it, even if aware of the ticker change from the bell. This "win" is regarded as a push.

Daily record: W-4 L-2-P-1


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