Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Trade review 10-5-11

I got a few picks correct today...



A gap down fell more from the bell, making it look like longs would not get their chance. But then it meandered in the vicinity of the flat line, perfectly breaking out over 3.50 and holds for the entry in the last hour. It advanced into the close, ending positive by over 9% today.


This also played out well enough, opening on a gap up and crap from the hod. Once it fell under the previous close, it was a short, and although it closed off of the lows, it ended south by nearly 2% today.


Another winner for patient longs, it opened on a gap up that began to fall and go red at once, which was soon followed by a fine red to green move and holds buy signal. It kept advancing all day, closing north by nearly 8% today. My off record pick that was similar DRYS also panned out perfectly, taking/holding 2 as planned.


Another clear win as a gap up sported early weakness, filling and going red, then going red to green for good generating a buy signal. It kept greening the remainder, staying positive and finishing up over 15.5% today.



A fake out loss when a gap up advanced early and printed new highs after the noise candle. It soon peaked and gradually decayed, eventually falling under the flat line for good, closing down by nearly 1.5% today.



This never triggered, so it's a push. Opening on a gap down, it fell early on and tried to test the flat line twice, but failed both times. It stayed under the flat line then moved up into the close, ending down over 2% today.


Looks like a win, but this is a push. A big gap up prevented a safe buy. Anyone already in from the previous close banked, but anyone entering today probably broke even at best. The stock generally rose all day, but closed weakly, ending north by over 9.5% but most of that was lost in the gapper. A flat stance made sense.

Daily record: W-4 L-1-P-2


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