Thursday, October 06, 2011

Trade review 10-6-11

I got a few picks right on this day...



An easy win long on the hold of 3 on a gap up which rose steadily all day. Finished up over 3% today.


This also steadily rose for longs, who banked over 10.5% today after a gap up never filled back down.



A fake out loss when a gap up advanced, then fell hard to red late morning. It steadily rebounded to go green, and held a bit over the flat line until the end, up over 5% today.


This is arguably a win, or at least a push, since longs would have had plenty of time to exit. But it closed down over 1% today when it weakened into the finish. A fake out technically occurred here, so it can be scored so.



A gap down (avoid shorting those, generally) began to rise near the open, and while it briefly touched under that, it closed above on the same candle. Then it just rose for hours, going straight into close but above the flat line, so few if any shorts were fooled. Closed north over1% today on a no play.


2.30 was never challenged, and it fell from the open. It briefly greened, but it did not trigger, falling back negative for good soon after. It recovered into the close, but not enough. Red about 0.5% today. A no play.


Just like on August 9, no day 2 follow through. It never triggered, meandering early after a gap down in the red. It greened briefly, but the same candle closed under the flat line. A no play that ended down 5% today.

Daily record: W-2 L-2-P-3


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