Sunday, October 09, 2011

Trade review 10-7-11

I got a pick correct on Friday...



Easy win for shorts as this flat open from the hod fell out of the gate. Steady recovery followed late morning into the close, finished off the lows but still south by over 7.5% on Friday. Likely under the probably entry.



This finished unchanged relative to the previous close, but it's a loss due to a likely fake out for shorts when it meandered early under the open and the Thursday finish. It began to green 30 minutes in and while it ended weak off of the highs, that was probably above the entry point.



This ended unchanged relative to the previous close, and longs were unlikely to have been faked out due to the price action sequence. A gap down fell at once most of the day, rising to the flat line in the afternoon and getting over the opening price for just one 5 minute candle. Then it traded flat into the close. A no play.


A gap up advanced, but could not take 3.50+ except on one 5 minute candle late morning, finding resistance at the above trigger. Then it stayed below all day until the closing minutes, when it got over again on one 5 minute candle, then dropped back down. Clearly no long was feasible and likely no buyers were fooled into biting. Closed positive by over 2% due to the gapper on a no play.


This never triggered, opening on a 1 cent gap down near the hod that fell near the open. It tried to fill on a rally about 30 minutes in, but failed to conquer the flat line. Then it really decayed and moved mostly sideways in the afternoon, closing down over 7.5% on Friday on a no play for longs.


Another no play as this opened over 6 but at the hod a few cents above and fell immediately, soon going under the flat line. It went sideways most of the way, closing red by over 3.5% on Friday. No long arose.


Another gap up and crap like WETF which fortunately would not have fooled any longs. It fell from the bell at the hod steadily. In the afternoon it went sideways and closed south over 5.5% on Friday. A flat stance only.

Daily record: W-1 L-1-P-5


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