Saturday, November 26, 2011

Trade review 11-25-11

I got some of them right on Friday...



The spike up scalp buy worked well enough for several minutes. It began to double top and decay within 15 minutes, but gave enough time to exit before giving back everything. It headed down for good in the final hour, closing south by over 1% on Friday. This may still bounce and hold on a full session trade, by the way.


An early gap down filled and rose from the gun, but it faltered late in the session and triggered, going green to red for good. It closed south by by nearly 1.5% on Friday.



A head fake loss for longs thinking "bounce session" when it moved up from the beginning and after the noise candle, but later decayed, closing weakly south by over 1.5% on Friday.


Another whipsaw as a gap up advanced slowly out of the gate, eventually triggering a long. But this proved to be near the top, and it closed down a bit from there, still positive by over 2% and likely under the entry point.



A no trigger as this gap down could not really fill, failing at the flat line ultimately. It was all down hill from 5 minutes in, closing down by over 5% on Friday.


Another no trigger non-play when this gap down advanced and greened most of the day. It finally reddened but not by enough right near the end, to finish south by over 0.5% on Friday.


Also not triggering, this gap down advanced out of the bell, but after greening slightly and not reaching our target price, it fell back under the flat line. Subsequent challenges to it failed, and it meandered into the close, south by a bit over 0.5% on Friday. A no play.

Daily record: W-2 L-2-P-3


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