Saturday, May 26, 2012

Trade review 5-25-12

I got some plays right on Friday...



A win for shorts with borrows when this gap down filled early, then peaked just over the flat line. It gradually decayed back under it, and then the open for the fade entry. Closed off the lows but stayed red, en route to a down finish of over 18.5% on Friday.


Another win for shorts when this gap down attempted to fill out of the open with immediate upward mobility. It peaked within 10 minutes and immediately decayed, soon going under the open for the fade entry. A gentle decline followed, and it ended south by at least over 16% on Friday.


A narrow win for longs when a flat debut fell early and went red to green 30 minutes in. It also made new early highs about an hour in. The stock retraced in the afternoon, but the early lows held and it closed strongly to end up over 1% on Friday.


A gap down a cent above the lod filled to go green out of the open, and it never looked back. After triggering for buyers, it continued to rise until lunch, when it moved sideways the remainder, ending up almost 2.5% on Friday.


We got our bounce for buyers when a flat open a cent above the lod fell on the noise candle, but rose after that. It slowly advanced after an early red to green move. A spike in the afternoon closed off the highs but still north by over 13% on Friday.



A gap up over the trigger rose from the noise candle and beyond it. A fall back to the flat line rose again to trigger a 2nd time, so longs were likely sucked in. After sideways moves it fell red by lunch and continued to hang under the flat line in the afternoon, closing south by over 4.5% on Friday.


This opened on a gap up near the hod, which fast fell red and sucked short in. It then moved mostly sideways and negative, closing on a bounce to finish nominally red. The likely entry short was right around this price, so it's a loss after commissions.



Daily record: W-5-L-2-P-0


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