Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Trade review 6-13-12

I got one of them right on this day...



A very narrow win for shorts when a flat open fell on the noise candle and then rose. The flat line cracked about 25 minutes in and a later rally held the previous session high for stops. It clung to the flat line the remainder, closing down slightly but below the likely entry point. Arguably a push, after certain commissions.



A fake out loss for longs when a gap down advanced, filled and triggered late morning. It soon peaked and slowly decayed, eventually going red for good in the afternoon, closing down over 2% today.



Most shorts would have kept flat here as a gap up printed the lod on the noise candle, only to fall soon after but not bettering the initial low. It gradually crossed back over positive and closed up over 4% today.


A gap down which failed to trigger. This went mostly sideways and a bit up, closing red by almost 1% today. A no play push.


The direction was no surprise, given the early price action and large gap, but that was too substantial to trade from in the only viable direction. It closed south by over 14.5% today. A no play push, given the gap.


The hod was printed on the noise candle, and the gap down failed to fill. A slow decline ensued and it ended down over 3% today without making any more new annual highs or giving longs an entry chance. No play.


This gap down open 2 cents under the hod began to fall out of the open. The gap never filled though a rally near lunch narrowly overtook the initial high briefly. No play for longs, and shorts were off table. A push.

Daily record: W-1-L-1-P-5

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