Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Trade review 6-26-12

I got a few picks right today...



A gap up advanced early, but broke under the open and flat line before lunch, yielding a short entry. It continued to gently decline, closing down 7.5% today.


This gap up held an early flat challenge and then rose steadily, yielding a long in the morning. It kept creeping up all session, closing up over 14.5% today.


A gap up fell on the debut candle, then it moved sideways for a while. It traded above the trigger, so longs had an entry. A flat line essentially held, then it rose steadily, greening. It continued to the close, up 2.5%ish.


After dipping in and out of positive territory early on, this fell under the open and 3 after lunch, yielding a fade. It continued to decline all session, closing south by over 9% today.



Shorts lost when this gap up fell slowly out of the open, but began to reverse about 55 minutes in after fade entries were likely. It continued to climb and broke over 13 to stop out. It ended up over 8.5% today.



A push for shorts after this traded under open after the noise candle early on. It held flat line challenges but rose into the close, which was south by a bit less than 0.5% today.Given commissions, it won a tad at best.


This looks like a win on paper, but it dipped under some stops but held the outside level I listed early on. It came back and soon greened, closing positive by over 2.5% today. A mixed result of sorts given stops. 

Daily record: W-4-L-1-P-2


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