Monday, July 23, 2012

Trade review 7-23-12

I got all of these triggered picks right on Monday...



A gap up from the lod advanced from the gun, yielding a long. Gentle climbing most of the way ensued, and it closed up over 17% today.


A nice win for longs when a gap up from the lod advanced on the noise candle, pulled back and under the trigger, then tore through it. A gentle incline ensued, and it closed up almost 10.5% today.





A clear gap which advanced after the noise candle killed shorting options. After greening, the flat line essentially held challenges, and it hovered above it the remainder, closing up over 0.50% today. No play.


A clear gap down fell on the noise candle, then rose a bit but did not fill, essentially moving sideways. It closed down almost 3% today. Longs never had a play. No trigger. Push.


Another no play push without a trigger when this clear gap down fell on the noise candle. It bounced but stayed negative all session, closing south almost 3% today.


A clear gap up advanced from the gun, giving shorts pause. It fell soon after, even reddening, but just missed the trigger price. That came at lunch, though. A slow rise followed, and it closed up over 0.5% today.


A clear gap down fell right out of the gate, so longs had no play. It did not trigger either. Rebounding but holding the initial high, it soon fell again then moved sideways the remainder, closing red by over 3% today.

Off table pick CNMXF also essentially worked for shorts. It opened on a gap down which rose from near the lod. After greening, it peaked late morning, and fell back to the flat line which it breached in the afternoon. Closed south almost 11% today.

Daily record: W-2-L-0-P-5

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