Monday, July 29, 2013

Trade review 7-29-13

I got some picks right on Monday...



A winning short off a gap down near the hod that fell under the open for entry after the noise candle. It closed down over 20% today.


A winning short off a gap down debut that fell on the noise candle and beyond. It kept decaying until close, which was red by over 5% today.


Longs won when a gap up rose from the lod steadily early for entry. A slow rise ended up over 14% today.


Another winning long when a gap up rose from the near the lod beyond the noise candle, triggering. It kept rising slowly, en route to an up finish of almost 8% today.



A fake out loss on early weakness beyond the noise candle. A gap down fell to draw short in, then reversed and greened for good, steadily rising and ending up over 34% today.



Another move north from a gap up almost at the lod which rose from the noise candle, preventing shorts. Closed positive almost 50% today.


A no play push when a gap down fell on the noise candle hard and beyond it, never triggering long. It bottomed late morning, recovering a bit and ending south by overr 3% today.

Daily record: W-4-L-1-P-2

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