Monday, August 26, 2013

Trade review 8-26-13

I got some of these things right on Monday...



Patient shorts narrowly won off a flat debut that fell early after the noise candle. It soon bounced and greened, but held the initial highs. Then it faded nicely into the close, red by over 3.5% today.


A gap up fell initially, but soon re-greened and triggered in the afternoon for buyers. It slowly advanced, closing up over 1% today.



A fake out loss likely when a gap down advanced steadily early on, triggering. It peaked quick and then steadily declined, going green to red for good and ending down over 1% today.


Fake out loss likely when a gap up fell down to but held the flat line early. It soon rose and triggered, but moved sideways and closed weakly to end up over 4% today but under the probable entry long.



A gap up fell on the noise candle, preventing fake outs. It kept falling but held a flat line challenge. Then it advamced a bit but held the original high, moving sideways until it closed up over 2% today. No play long.


A flat debut fell early and hugged the flat line, but did not quite trigger. Very late in the day it touched under, but almost nobody would have entered by then and the candle did not close there. Ended down a tad today.


A no play push lacking a trigger. A gap down fell initially, and never seriously threatened to trigger as the ohd printed on the noise candle. Up and down moves under the flat line closed south by over 1% today.

Daily record: W-2-L-2-P-3

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