Saturday, September 07, 2013

Trade review 9-6-13

I got 1 of them right on Friday...


Shorts won when a gap down fell after the noise candle for entry. It bounced, but held the flat line and collapsed in the afternoon. It ended south by nearly 29.5% Friday.



A gap up fell soon after open, then rose to trigger in just after. It fell and rebounded a few times before closing up in range of 4% Friday. But that was deceptive due to the price action, which means loss given where the entry likely took place.


Shorts lost when a flat open fell soon after the noise candle for entry. It bottomed in less than an hour, then rose to green. Closed positive by over 1% Friday.



A no play push long or one with commissions given the price action. A big gap up discouraged entries, then it fell at once a bit slowly, not taking out the initial high until much later. Closed up over 2.5% Friday though.


A likely push for potential longs with this price action. A big gap up fell hard on the noise candle and well beyond, discouraging any buyers from risking it once it rebounded to just over the flat line. This triggered at least by late afternoon, but my rules allow for afternoon fades, but not late buys. Closed up just a hair Friday.


A big gap up discouraged longs, then steadily fell, so neither side had much of a play. It steadily decayed, closing up over 3.5% Friday due to the gapper. No 8 breach for fades occurred.


Another no play push when a gap up fell hard on the noise candle, denying longs any entry. It rebounded, but did not go over the trigger the remainder. Closed south by in range of 0.50% Friday.

Daily record: W-1-L-2-P-4

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